Awake the Iron
Awake the Iron
ATI Episode 009 - Guns! Part 2

So you decided to come back for Part 2 of our discussion about GUNS?!! The Lion of Losantiville, “D-Rock”, “The Red Dwarf”, and I expand our conversation to discuss definitions, magazine limits, types of firearms, current gun bills, and more. As an added treat, Jerry Miculek shoots 12 revolver rounds in under three seconds!!! So amazing it will literally melt your face.

  • Understanding types of firearms.
  • Can states make gun laws that contradict the U.S. Constitution?
  • Are magazine capacity limits legal?
  • Do magazine limits keep murderers from killing people?
  • How fast can people shoot and reload?
  • We test D-Rock with a blind gun challenge.


United States House 117th Congress
H.R. 1446 Act       (Passed House)
H.R. 127 Bill              (Introduced)

United States House 116th Congress
H.R. 8 Act                      (Passed House still on senate calendar)

Ohio House 134th Assembly
H.B. No. 227      (In House Committee)

H.B. No. 62        (In House Committee)

Jerry Miculek