Dr. Cowan on germ theory fallacies

Dr. Cowan interview, very clearly in plain English explaining germ theory fallacies and “pleomorphism” which is things changing form. For example: bacteria change into spores, change into fungus when needed, and change back to bacteria. Also gives analogies that are easy to understand about isolating a virus or claiming it causes disease. Amazing!

Dr. Lanka experiment that showed “diseased” and CPE (cytophatic effect) happened WITHOUT human sample

You can’t catch a virus (germ theory vs. terrain theory)

What do we now know about a virus?

Request proof of a virus

(from the book What Really Makes You Ill? by Dawn Lester and David Parker, p. 89)

If anyone is claiming that a particular virus is the cause of a particular disease, ask them  for the proof:

  1. Is there an electron micrograph of the pure and fully characterized virus?
  2. What is the name of the primary specialist peer reviewed paper in which the virus is illustrated and its full genetic information described?
  3. What is the name of the primary publication that provides proof that a particular virus is the sole cause of a particular disease?