Awake the Iron
Awake the Iron
ATI Episode 008 - Guns! Part 1

We’ve grown tired from talking so much about Covid, masks, rights, and government, that we decided to discuss something lighter and less controversial… GUNS! The Lion of Losantiville and I welcome two new guests, “D-Rock” and “The Red Dwarf”, to discuss this swell topic. This should all be rainbows, lollypops, and unicorns I’m sure.

  • What is a right? What is a gun right?
  • Does the 2nd Amendment GIVE you the right to have a gun?
  • The 2nd Amendment says “right to keep and bear arms”. What does “arms” mean?
  • Anti-gun/anti-freedom quotes.
  • Who are gun laws for?
  • Do “No Guns” signs work?
  • Say what you mean – we take a quick look at another clip from Larken Rose.