Awake the Iron
ATI Episode 003 - Video interview with CJ

The Lion of Losantiville is back! This time we explore the truth about vaccine definitions, efficacy numbers, experimental gene therapy, and W.H.O. uncertainties. We will hear from a panel of doctors and experts about vaccines, see what the Supreme Court has said, and have our minds blown yet again, all through the magic of video conferencing! Be sure to click the link to the video below for the full experience.

  • -CJ and I discuss Meriam-Webster changing the definition of vaccine.
  • -W.H.O. admits vaccine is still in a trial period.
  • -Roundtable with doctors and experts.
  • -Supreme court declared vaccines as unsafe.
  • -VAERS and under-reporting of side effects.

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MW Jan 18 2021:

History of the word “vaccine”:

CDC mrna:

CDC infographic

Crazy WHO lady interview—i-am-vaccinated-what-next (Started at 1:28, there’s also a transcript below video)

1 hour 20 min roundtable with all the doctors and experts—THIS-FRIDAY-720:0

Article about vaccines being safe and effective (or not), mentions Justice Scalia quote:

VAERS limitations on underreporting

Vaccine trials are happening NOW meaning they aren’t approved yet: