Awake the Iron
Awake the Iron
ATI Episode 035 - Brandon Joe Williams

Is the United States a corporation? What does it mean to be a “citizen”? Are you traded as a commodity? Are you unknowingly a slave or are you truly free? Brandon Joe Williams is here to help us tackle some of these questions. Take his free “Contract Killer” course and he will, “show you how you are contracted into the system and how to get out of it: Nationality, citizenship, taxes, passports, driver’s license, trusts, and so much more.” This could be one of the most important shows we’ve ever done.


  • – tons of documents, forms, and info.
  • Revocation of Election Form – divorce the IRS!
  • Black’s Law Dictionary 4th Edition – (free pdf download) This is from Brandon’s ‘State National Theory’ section of his website. Get it from here because according to Brandon, “The online versions of Black’s Law are trash and are probably owned by the same people behind all this mess. Don’t use them.”