Welcome and Introduction

Here’s a short introductory message explaining what this podcast is about.

What Is Awake the Iron?

“Desperta Ferro,” which roughly means “Awake the Iron,” refers to the noise an army would make by banging their weapons and armor in order to intimidate their adversaries before a battle.  Make enough noise and the enemy will know your strength and they may simply retreat without a fight.

Who Are We?

We are Just some guys who love freedom and truth and want to share that with others.  We are not afraid to question things and refuse to blindly accept what we are told.  We are committed to challenge things that should be challenged and will always search for the truth.

What Is Our Mission?

To expose the many deceptions of this world by creating a dialogue with others focusing on a respectful, logical, evidence-based analysis of any and all things.  There is a difference between believing something and knowing something.  Truth will be our creed, knowledge will be our armor, and wisdom will be our weapon.  With these accoutrements in this war for our minds, perhaps we can AWAKE THE IRON!